How To Prevent Your Vehicle From Being A Target From Car Thieves

Posted on: 23 January 2017

Car break-ins are a common crime in the United States. Vehicle owners lose around $1.255 billion in personal items and accessories each year. Car thieves are not pulling off complicated capers to obtain these items. Many vehicle doors are left unlocked and valuables are left sitting in plain view. Read on to find out what you can do to prevent your vehicle from being the next target.

Get Your Windows Tinted

Window tinting is not designed for security. However, it adds a layer of protection between the contents of your vehicle and a car thief. Window tinting is a process that uses transparent sheets of film to apply to a vehicle's window. It decreases the amount of heat and radiation that enters your vehicle.

Many thieves want to gain quick access by smashing a window and grabbing your valuables. If your windows are tinted, then it is harder to break them. The broken glass remains in a solid piece while still attached to the film. Car thieves are more likely to move on to another vehicle than to wrestle with window film.

Get The Club

The club is one of the ways to keep car thieves from driving away with your vehicle. It is a lock that attaches to your steering wheel and is one of the most popular anti-theft devices. Most car thieves want to break in your vehicle as soon as possible. The club discourages thieves from targeting your vehicle. It takes too much time to remove the club from your steering wheel.

Get A Blinking Light

 A blinking light coming from your dashboard is another way to not become a target. Most thieves see a blinking light and automatically think that you have an alarm. Not every car with a blinking light has a car alarm. This blinking light is sometimes connected to the radio system. However, car thieves prefer to move on to another vehicle than to risk breaking into a vehicle with an alarm. If you want a blinking light, then you should check with your local automotive stores. The light can be affixed to your dashboard using Velcro. It makes people think you have a car alarm when you really do not have one.  

It is important to take safety precautions. You should always keep your doors lock and never leave valuables out in the open. If you must be a target, then you want thieves to work hard to take your stuff.