Considering On-Site Fleet Maintenance For Your School Buses? Here's What You Need To Know

Posted on: 17 January 2017

In a school setting, having reliable transportation for students just comes along with the territory, but it is easy to disregard the importance of bus maintenance in favor of more pressing matters. To ensure your fleet of school buses is ready to go every school day without the worry of dealing with unexpected breakdowns and issues, on-site fleet maintenance is an excellent idea. If you have been looking for a third-party solution to your school bus maintenance needs, on-site fleet services are an excellent choice. Take a look at these things you likely want to know about on-site fleet services and how this service could benefit you and your fleet of buses. 

How do on-site fleet services work exactly?

On-site fleet services are created around the idea of bringing repairs to the area where the fleet is located instead of owners of a fleet having to go through the process of getting vehicles to a shop. These companies employ skilled mechanics and technicians who travel to your place of business and service the vehicles that are having issues on site. Some fleet services operate on a per-need basis in which you simply call them up when you need repairs. However, some of them offer contract services in which there is a consistent and ongoing relationship between you and the fleet service. 

Will the fleet service handle ongoing maintenance routines as well as mechanical repairs?

Fleet services do handle ongoing maintenance needs for your buses if this is something you need, and it definitely can be incredibly convenient. The fleet service will handle maintenance needs for your buses like:

  • fluid checks and refills
  • oil and oil filter changes
  • basic inspections
  • suspension system adjustments
  • air filter replacement
  • cooling system checks
  • tire replacement and repair
  • light replacement and service

Likewise, many fleet services will set you up on a bus maintenance schedule for your fleet. This makes it easy to ensure all buses are inspected and tuned up throughout the year. 

Will there be an issue with maintenance having to be performed outside of school hours?

Many on-site fleet services have technicians available around the clock. However, not all of them do. To ensure the fleet service you choose can cater to your need to have buses serviced outside of regular business hours, it is a good idea to look for a company that specifically offers services for school bus fleets. Plus, make sure you ask before agreeing to any service about their hours of operation. 

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