How To Reduce A Glare On A Windshield

Posted on: 30 March 2015

Having excessive glare on your car's windshield is not only annoying, but it can also be dangerous. If you are driving during the day, the sunlight can block the view in front of you and cause an accident.

At night, the glare is even more dangerous, since you are already dealing with the lack of light. In either case, there are some ways you can reduce the glare. Here are tips for reducing glare on your car's windshield.

Get Scratches and Cracks Repaired

The first thing you should do is inspect your windshield and look for any scratches or cracks. Scratches can lead to extra glare during the day because the sunlight bounces of these scratches. The same goes for cracks in the windshield. Even when the scratch seems minor, it can definitely cause more of a glare problem.

Try to get them windshield repair before doing anything else, as this may solve your problem. Deep cracks might require you to replace your windshield.

Tilt Your Sunroof

If it is a nice day and not too cold or raining, you can make use of your sunroof. Instead of opening it all the way, just tilt it upwards slightly. When you pop open the sunroof, it provides a slight shade over the top of your car where your windshield is, and can actually block out the glare from the sun.

You can try tilting the sunroof at different angles until you find the angle that works best for blocking the glare. This is really only beneficial during the day, so if you have a glare at night, try some of the other tips.

Clean Your Windshield

All windows in your vehicle should be cleaned on the inside and out to see out of them properly, which includes your windshield. If there is dirt or film on the windows, it can increase the glare from the sun during the day or the lights at nighttime.

Use a window cleaner on the inside and outside of your windshield if glare is a problem, but be careful not to use one that makes the windows shiny. Some cleaners do this, but that extra shine is going to make the glare worse.

Don't Smoke in the Car

Smoking in the car not only makes it smell bad, but the smoke can leave a film on the windshield. This film is caused by chemicals from smoking cigarettes, and will also worsen the glare. If you smoke or have a passenger that smokes, stop doing it immediately and clean your windows. Once that film is removed and smoking is no longer an issue, you should notice a change in the glare.